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Forethix is a GRI’s official Data Partner for Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The purpose of the GRI Data Partner is to find and register in the GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database any publicly available sustainability reports from these 3 countries. Hence, we can register your sustainability/integrated reports in the GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database for you, free of charge.

What are the benefits of registering your reports in the Sustainability Disclosure Database?

  • Your reports are subject to additional exposure.
  • Your organization as well as its reports are internationally profiled.
  • Your reports are archived in a user-friendly way.

If you want Forethix to add your organisation’s report to the GRI Sustainability Disclosure Database, please download Forethix Report Registration Form and send it back duly filled in and signed by the authorized person within your organization to



What We Do

Forethix is an independent Luxembourg-based consulting firm. We help companies achieve growth through responsible and long-term value creation. Our ambition is to create a future where CR & ESG guidelines and best-practices empower progress within the Investment community, Corporations, SMEs and society at large. Read more
We help our clients build trust and responsible solutions for sustainable and long-term value creation. We develop our services based on innovation, robust subject-matter knowledge and field experience combined with expertise on national and international standards.

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We work with leaders across all industries, organizational structures and profiles, offering individualized support in achieving their targets.



Forethix supports IKO'L project - 10/12/2019

Forethix is pleased to participed in IKO’L project as a sponsor. The IKO’L project which is a women’s initiative connects us particularly to our missions and values in favour of reduced inequalities (SDG 10), quality education (SDG 4) and partnerships for the goals (SDG 17). As a leading certified trainer and provider in terms of sustainable development in Luxembourg, Belgium, France, but also in Morocco, the IKO’L project is an excellent opportunity to share our field experiences supporting the Fondation Autisme Luxembourg Projects.

Forethix endorses global Principles for Responsible Banking - 14/08/2019Forethix has officially endorsed the UNEP FI Principles for Responsible Banking– a single framework for a sustainable banking industry developed through an innovative partnership between banks worldwide and United Nations Environment’s Finance Initiative.  

Stéphanie Deltenre, Managing Director and Founder, Forethix
“At Forethix, we create a future where responsible principles & best practices go hand-in-hand with the investment decisions and management systems to create long term value for the investment community, and society at large. With our declaration of endorsement to the Principles for Responsible Banking, we affirm and express our willingness to embed leading sustainable practices in each of our missions.” 

It is part of Forethix’s core values to develop services based on innovation, robust subject-matter knowledge and field experience combined with expertise on national and international standards. The UNEP FI Principles for Responsible Bankingis a complementary framework for stakeholders of the financial sector to support banks intheir transition towards sustainable strategy across all their business areas. Ultimately, identifying where a bank has the potential to make the most positive contributions for a more sustainable economy through comparable disclosures and a unified methodological approach will benefit all stakeholders. The Principles for Responsible Banking set out the banking industry’s role and responsibility in shaping a sustainable future and in aligning the banking sector with the objectives of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement. More than 75 banks around the world and 35 stakeholders have already become official Signatories of the Principles. More information about the Principles for Responsible Banking available here:

Forethix becomes an ABBL Member (The Luxembourg's Bankers'Association) - 01/08/2019Forethix is proud to be a new member of the ABBL. Our contribution will encourage the significant momentum towards responsible banking in Luxembourg. We believe our common vision and complementary expertise will drive the banking sustainability journey towards long-term success.“ Stéphanie Deltenre, Managing Director I Article published on 01.08.2019 on the ABBL’s website (

Sustainable Finance Training - 17/07/2019 - On 17 July, the House of Training, ABBL and Forethix launched the first Sustainable Finance training session organised for professionals from Luxembourg’s financial centre. The demand is high and in-depth modules are already in the making. The first training cycle brought together more than 25 people from all areas of finance: private banking, retail banking, asset services, asset management companies, PSF, etc. "This first session was a great success," say Etienne Hirsch and Denis Graas, in charge of implementing the program at the House of Training. "The average for the other training courses is about fifteen participants. And we already have a lot of registrations for the next session in October."Article published on 23.07.2019 in PaperJam (

 Sustainable Finance & Responsible Investment : the necessary transition 30.06.2019 - "Please, explain me how finance works." How can we explain to a child this industry that goes back to the times of Babylon, that brought the emergence of money around the 7th century, that from the 12th century, thanks to trading activities, allowed the emergence of the first banks in Europe, to finally become today the driving force of the entire world economy? How can we present sustainable and responsible finance to our future generations? Article published in the June 2019 issue of InfoGreen magazine (Le quotidien du développement durable à Luxembourg) - Feature of the month: Alternative Assets ( - Cécilia Vernhes , ESG Consultant & Trainer for "The Certified Sustainable Finance Program"

ABBL in partnership with House of Training and Forethix designed the first Sustainable Finance Program of its kind in Luxembourg 17.06.2019 - The course is designed for banks, asset managers, insurance companies and other relevant institutions wishing to embrace sustainability into their business models. The course articulates around an innovative teaching style that combines theory and practical business case studies allowing candidates to concretely put into practice the main concepts and definitions learned. In order to provide professionals working in the financial and banking sector with fundamental knowledge on sustainable finance, this 4-hours training course covers:  why, what, who, how sustainable finance matters. Programme and registration

Forethix co-chaired the GRI Roundtable on Sustainability & Risk Management 15.11.2018 - On 13th November 2018, Managing Partner Stéphanie Deltenre co-chaired the GRI Roundtable on Sustainability & Risk Management hosted by Euroclear in Brussels. Aimed to support the GRI Community in Benelux, the roundtable generated fruitful discussions around CSR risks disclosure. While 89% of companies agree that failure to manage sustainability risks could have significant impacts on a company’s financial performance, few companies do actually report on their CSR risks. Forethix shared with the participants best practices in terms of CSR risks disclosure and led an exercise aiming at identifying practices to further improve reporting on both direct and indirect CSR risks.

CCD Partners becomes Forethix - 17.09.2018 - CDD Partners accompanies its transformation and its international deployment by acquiring a new name. This unifying identity impulses a new momentum, in line with the profile of dynamism and expertise of the company. A new name for a new momentum - To write this new page in the history of the company, a new name was needed. Created from the words "for" and "ethics" (rewritten in "ethix"), Forethix affirms both the values and the mission carried by the company since its inception in 2013. The signature "embedding Sustainability" supports the name and underlines Forethix's ongoing commitment to be close to its stakeholders and support them in the valorization of their sustainable performance and positive impact initiatives. Stéphanie Deltenre, Director of Forethix, comments: “This new name is an important milestone in our history. Forethix embodies in one word both our vocation and our expertise. It gives a better readability to our mission which is the integration of responsible practices in the processes of companies of all sizes and of all sectors as well as in the management policies of investment funds. This new name also marks the dynamics of international development in which we engage with the deployment of a local experts network to support corporate social and responsible investment strategies.” 

CCD Partners joins IMS Network - 14.02.2017 - CCD Partners is pleased to announce its membership at Inspiring More Sustainability (IMS), an association of companies engaged in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Luxembourg. IMS currently counts 105 member companies, representing 15% of the Luxembourgish workforce. Bringing along our sustainability & CSR reporting expertise, we wish to participate in and contribute to the knowledge hub formed around IMS. IMS website. 

The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) is launching the new GRI Standards

The GRI produces the world’s most widely used guidelines for companies to report on their sustainability performance. The Standards are the latest evolution of GRI's reporting disclosures, which have been developed through more than 15 years of robust multi-stakeholder process. The Standards feature an improved format and a new, modular structure. The new GRI Standards will definitively replace the G4 Guidelines by 1 July 2018. To learn more - Watch a quick introduction video to the new GRI Standards

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