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We share with you our insights on trends, pertinent developments and innovative solutions for responsible engagement.


We developed a set of dedicated and Certified Training programs to support your journey towards Responsible business and to trigger positive transformation. We deliver dedicated seminars, workshops and training programs tailor-made for Investors, Organizations and Institutions.

Responsible Investment
Training Programs
  • ESG Introduction Program Course
  • ESG Reporting Course
Corporate Responsibility
Training Programs
  • GRI Certified Training Module on Stakeholder Engagement
  • CSR, From compliance to added value Course
Responsible Society
Training Programs
  • Dedicated program to support lifelong employability
  • Dedicated program for inclusion of people with disabilities in companies



We develop tools to support the implementation of Responsible Investment, Corporate Responsability or Responsible Employment into your daily operations and facilitate your processes. 

  • The Responsible Investment Practice Quick Check: Online diagnosis of your Responsible Investment practices
  • The CR Reporting Practice Quick Check: Online diagnosis of your Corporate Responsibility reporting practices
  • Stakeholders-Connect: Online solution to engage your stakeholders on the CR reporting framework.
  • The CareerConnect Program: The first e-learning program to boost employability skills

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  • Collaborative services: Providing better management, team synergies, communication, and continuous global access to status and current documents via a variety of protected online work environments and electronic tools.
  • Individually tailored content, tools, and resources: Customized so you see only the content, tools, and resources you want and need.
  • Improved efficiencies: Helping you work more productively with relevant knowledge, insights, and business tools accessible in one location.
  • Global knowledge and expertise: Valuable and timely insights on evolving business issues, helping you make informed decisions faster.
  • Current Interest Items: Relevant news headlines and events specific to your interests.
  • News, Alerts and Analysis: The latest news and regulatory alerts keeping you up-to-date on evolving business issues.
  • Reference Library: Detailed and extensive materials, white papers, interpretive guidance, checklists, and publications on accounting, taxation, and legal issues.
  • Online Tools: A wide selection of tools for business diagnostics and Q&A that will help you make business decisions.
  • Communicate with CCD: Collaborative services that allow you to work with your CCD team in a protected environment.
  • Help: E-mail CCD or instant online access to the CCD Client Portal Help Desk.

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