What We Do

We help our clients build trust and responsible solutions for sustainable and long-term value creation.

Responsible Investment

Responsible investment (RI) - RI is an approach to investing that aims to incorporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions, to better manage risk and generate sustainable, long-term returns.

  • Do you assess your portfolio on ESG risks and opportunities?
  • How to integrate ESG factors in investment decisions and governance?
  • How to comply with requirements of transparency in non-financial reporting?
  • How to improve and value your ESG performance rating?
  • How to monitor and improve your ESG key performance indicators?
  • How to market your ESG review to target investors?
  • ESG Education: Seminars, Workshops and tailor-made training programs
  • ESG Analysis: Portfolio ESG risks analysis, Portfolio ESG compliance analysis, ESG sector specific benchmarks
  • ESG Strategy development: ESG due diligence, Responsible investment (RI) policy and process.
  • ESG Integration: ESG key performance indicator selection, ESG risk mapping, ESG measurement process and procedure audits.
  • ESG Report: Responsible investment report aligned with international standards (UNPRI)
  • ESG Rating: Assess and advise in order to improve your performance on ESG rating
  • ESG Label and Certifications

Key Topics: Responsible Investment, ESG Fund, Socially Responsible Investment, SRI, Impact Investing, Green Bond, Community Investing, Ethical Investing, Green Investing, Sustainable Investing, Investment Fund, Sustainable Development Goal, SDG, COP 21

Expertise Area: ESG assessment, asset management, board of directors, ESG fund structuring, ESG strategy, ESG consulting, ESG advisory, ESG education, ESG training, ESG review, UNPRI, ESG rating, Sustainable Real Estate Investment, WELL Building Standard

Corporate Responsability

Corporate Responsibility (CR) - the integration of social, economic and environmental issues into strategies, business models and daily operations.

  • Which risks and opportunitites are linked to CR integration?
  • What CR challenges matter most to your activities?
  • How to monitor your CR performance indicators? 
  • How to comply with requirements of transparency in non-financial disclosure ?
  • How to perform and market your CR rating?
  • CR Education: Seminar, Workshops, Certified training programs
  • CR Strategy development: CR due diligence, CR sector specific benchmark, CR materiality analysis, CR Policy and implementation
  • CR Integration: CR key performance indicator selection, Stakeholder engagement programs, Sustainable Supply Chains, CR measurement process & procedure audits.
  • CR report: CR Reporting aligned with international standard (GRI)
  • CR Market: Value your CR performance throughout labelling, Certification and rating agencies

Key Topics: Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Responsibility, Sustainability, Sustainable Organization, Shared Value, Long Term Value, Philanthropy, CR Consulting, Advisory, CR Reporting, CR Strategy, CR Performance, CR Assessment, CR Integration, Non-financial Rating Agencies, Shaping the future, Board of Directors

Expertise Area: GRI reporting, Integrated reporting, Materiality analysis, CR strategy integration, CR certification, CR labelling, Stakeholders engagement, Responsible governance, Ethical behavior, Responsible procurement, Sustainable supply chains, Human rights in supply chain, climate change, environment, local communities, sustainable development goal, COP 21, Global Reporting Initiative

Responsible Society

Responsible Society - enabling positive social impact on society. We work with corporations, ONGs and the Public Sector to embed a responsible approaches in Society.

  • How to engage with Your employees regarding their career transitions?
  • How to define and implement HR strategies ensuring lifelong employability?
  • How to define and implement socially responsible strategies that will have a positive impact on local communities?
  • What are Your engagement plans for shared value creation in Your local communities?
  • How to define and leverage on specific targets concerning social inclusion and handicap at work?
  • How to monitor Your positive social impact on local communities?

We develop dedicated programs and initiatives to create a positive impact on social challenges: employability through life, diversity and inclusion, disability at work, equal opportunities, career transitions. Our approach is built on individualized management as a performance driver.

  • RE Education: Seminars, Workshops, Certified training programs
  • RE analysis: Social audit, Employees survey
  • RE Strategy development: Responsible Human Resources policy and process
  • RE Integration: RE key performance indicator selection, Stakeholders engagement programs, Sustainable supply chains, Human rights in supply chain, RE measurement process & procedure audits.
  • RE Report: Social report
  • RE Labels & certification

Key topics: Social Responsibility, Human Resources, Societal Responsibility, Impact on society, Responsible Human Resources, Responsible Management, Responsible Employer, Responsible Management, Social Reporting, Education, Tailor Made Trainings, Open courses, Strategy Implementation, Social Audit, Social Mediation, Employee Survey, Management of Diversity Training.

Expertise area: Diversity & Inclusion, Employee Engagement, Equal Opportunities, Lifelong employability, Handicap at work, Career Transitions, Support Retirement, Local Communities, Human Rights, Citizenship, Social Impact, Employability, Professional Development, Outplacement program, Outsourcing, Individualized Management 

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